25 Aug 2020

The art of maternity photography



We at Kissed By Light Studio strive to keep things fresh and interesting, this is why we are always on the look out for new inspiration. It can be found virtually anywhere we look: nature, fashion, fine art, architecture, graphic design, and the list could go on! And, when it comes to our maternity sessions, we often strive to find new and better ways to portray the delicate beauty of this important period in a woman’s life. Everything plays an important role in creating the final image: the use of flowing fabrics and gentle lighting confer a certain lightness of being associated with happiness during this time (and while, granted, pregnancy is not always easy for many of women, we want to commemorate its happiest moments), flowers and their petals reflect the delicateness, while the more contemporary set ups are meant to show intimacy and highlight the beautiful pregnancy silhouette. Each one of these factors becomes modified and changes from session to session, but, of course, the end goal remains the same – to highlight the incredible beauty of this wonderful milestone in a woman’s life.

When we got to do a maternity session for the marvellous Miss A, we wanted to do a little bit of everything: a few shots featuring something new and special, that would portray her sparkling personality, a few classic, timeless looks that would confer effortless elegance, and a contemporary set up that would highlight her silhouette. For her special look, we sought inspiration from botany, art, and cinematography, creating a very bright, fresh, and yet delicate set up, featuring countless petals in pink and red hues. For the classic set up, Miss A has brought a wonderful baby pink maternity gown featuring a lovely flowing tail. And, for her contemporary shots, we worked against light to create a striking, intimate silhouette. Together, the different set ups worked to create a diverse and wonderful photo set.

We hope that you enjoy viewing this photo series as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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