Mar 14, 2023Bridal Boudoir, Commercial, Portfolio




We truly thrive on collaboration opportunities, as the projects that arise from the power of joined forces are perhaps the most successful ones. This time, we were pleased to be a part of the team who stands behind this beautiful bridal photoshoot, and we take pride in how everything unfolded.

The main idea of this mutual project was to inspire brides to wear their bridal gowns and have their makeup done once again, and surrender to all the candid feelings this experience will bring. With this black and white photography session, we aspire to open a portal back in time and capture their emotions as they arise. For that reason, we collaborated with the Morgan Model Management model agency, or more specifically, with the beautiful Polina Machok. Her elegance and divine beauty are perfectly paired with the exquisite designer dresses by The Law Bridal & Daughters of Simone – exclusively available at Silk Row Bridal shop in Toronto. Kaitlyn, the boutique owner, excelled in her expertise in selecting the most beautiful creations.

Namely, each one of the bridal dresses was as gorgeous and majestic as it came, with every detail placed exactly where it needed to be. From the silky material and intricate lace to the gorgeous veils and delicate feathers, every element created a seamless flow for this bridal photoshoot. 

But nothing would have looked as perfect as it did if it were not for the talented makeup artist Olena from Glowbyo Makeup Studio. She experimented with fresh floral hairpieces to complete her already flawless bridal makeup and created an utterly pleasing aesthetic. 

Lastly, this project would not have been as successful without Lora, our talented photographer and creative director. She worked her magic standing behind the lenses, capturing both the emotions of each moment and the magnificence of the bridal dresses. 

This bridal photoshoot was truly a remarkable and pleasurable experience. We had a lovely and productive time working as a team, and we think the results say much more than our simplified words can. 

If you appreciate how it all turned out, we encourage you to explore the wedding dresses in Kaitlyn’s Toronto bridal shop and, of course, find more bridal inspiration on our Blog.