26 Feb 2019

Special celebration

Pregnancy is a wonderful time – you are preparing to welcome a baby, reconnecting with yourself, with nature, health, and concentrating on your well being. And for one, it is certainly a time to spoil your special someone – yourself! And that we are all behind on! Not to mention, opportunities to treat yourself are endless – from little treats, to yoga, to relaxation, those boots you have been vying for, and of course, a photo session! Which is where we come in!

This time goes by faster than one can imagine. Its preservation is a goal we take seriously. Its moments – priceless. Its beauty – so uniquely your own. The photographs – full of tenderness you wish to remember and nurture.

Ms. L has first discovered our studio when she decided to experience boudoir photography. When time for maternity photographs came, we were thrilled to have her back with us. We made sure to pamper the soon mother to be – makeup, hairstyling, refreshments, and of course, the photo session itself. Her photoshoot has remarkable softness to it, every shot giving a little glimpse into this very special moment. Delicate, yet rich, compositions and colours complimented her beautiful complexion, creating a story, one we can’t help but want to share with you! We hope you enjoy the photographs as much as we enjoyed capturing them!

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