07 Apr 2020

Sharing the joy


There are many ways we can celebrate big and happy milestones in life… Be it hosting a special dinner, putting together an unforgettable event or a trip, sharing the news over many different types of media or having a little gathering with those closest to us, in the end, every option has one thing in common – we want to share the joy of big moments with those we love. Perhaps that is what makes photography such a special and remarkable way to celebrate the big occasions in life – it helps us share the happiness with those around us and preserves it for many years to come. And out of many such milestone, pregnancy is definitely one of our favorites to capture. The beauty of this incredible transition in the life of a woman inspires us to create photos that may not only capture the woman herself but also the wonderful emotions of this big time in her life.

Recently, we had an opportunity to work with the lovely Miss A who came to our studio to capture her pregnancy. Miss A had a creative vision from the very beginning and we worked with her on creating a session that would stand out and capture her taste, elegance, and beauty. And needless to say she made it all the more easy as her lovely personality captured the lens and made every shot special. And we are very excited to share a little peak into her wonderful photo series!

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