08 Jan 2020

Sartorial elegance


Many would agree, there are few things that can make a woman as beautiful as self confidence. It is a statement that has perhaps been overused in today’s society and one that is as broad as the term beauty itself. After all, confidence is not a pair of great shoes to be flaunted, and it comes and goes for many like a kind of good mood. But we found that there is one attribute of confidence that is unmistakable in most women we meet and is very charming – the sartorial confidence. Many of us develop a certain style that defines us and makes us feel confident in almost any situation, like a kind of armour, even if that armour happens to be high heeled stilettos! And we find that this confidence photographs exceedingly well!

Recently, we had a chance to work with absolutely beautiful Miss L, who came to us to create a series of maternity photographs. She has a wonderful style and we made sure that every photo reflects it. From gorgeous color schemes to lovely textures, her photos make for a fantastic combination of elegant maternity looks and modern style! And we are very excited to share a little peak into her photo session with you!




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