20 Jul 2012

Raw Diamonds in the Water

We absolutely love working with women. Woman’s energy is fluid, delicate and creative – and capturing that energy and character on photographs is the most rewarding experience for us. One of the most talented creative goddesses and a dear friend of ours is Anat of http://anoukjewelry.com/who we absolutely loved photographing! We photographed on Anat’s actual birthday, as she decided to make a beautiful and memorable gift to herself of fashion and art inspired portraiture to capture her femininity as this age.
She was probably a mermaid in her past life as in her signature jewelry one can see all shades of water, from raw diamonds and gold to aquamarine and larimar (what a name!). And now her feminine, delicate and mysterious sides are not only manifested in her jewelry creations, but in her fine art portraiture as well.
Anat, thank you for sharing your energy and beauty with us, we are absolutely enchanted!

Happy Birthday!

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