24 Jun 2021

Power dressing


We often wondered, what is the secret of the outfits that make you feel like the most confident, empowered version of yourself? It is a question that may, perhaps, only be answered individually, but one thing we know for certain – there are absolutely no restraints or rules when it comes to the looks that empower you! Be it unique colors, cuts or accessories, the potential for self experession is limitless, and, at last, genuine self expression is becoming the new form of power dressing. Originally a form of establishing authority in professional and political environments dominated by men, power dressing for women is becoming more and more about true confidence as old standards and prejudice are gradually starting to fade away. More and more companies are embracing relaxed dress code policies while business women expand on their personal branding, adopting looks that express their true self and make them feel powerful.

In our studio, we love to do photo sessions that expand on our lovely muses’ business vision and create captivating content for business’ web pages and social media. It is an undoubtedly very fulfilling kind of work where we get to expand on looks and set ups that make our muses feel their most confident, and the best part is that we get to be creative and have fun in the process!

Recently, we had a great pleasure working with a lovely and talented Melissa! A mindset strategist (see her page @mj_mindset for some wonderful motivational content), she was updating some of her web photography and, together, we created imagery following her personal branding style. With a great eye for beauty, she has brought some wonderful outfits that spoke of power dressing but in her own fun and unique way. And, to add an extra special note to the session, we finished it with one of our creative ballerina doll looks!

We hope that you enjoy viewing this lovely photo series!


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