20 Jan 2022

Portrait reflection


“It’s not personal – it’s strictly business” goes the all too infamous quote, one that became used over and over again for way over a decade. And yet, in today’s business culture that is striving to be a little bit more responsible, empathic, and progressive, this phrase couldn’t be moving further from the truth – we want to work with and buy from people that we understand and empathize with. Business networking, connections, and personal branding have become as crucial as ever and a good business or an elegant portrait have become that “little black dress” in every modern woman’s arsenal. And now that we socialize more and more with the help of online platforms, a photo portrait is often that one point of contact that creates the first impression in a great multitude of our digital life’s spheres: be it LinkedIn, social media, or dating websites. And it is with these thoughts that our team approaches every portrait session – we strive to make our headshots versatile, classy, and portray our subject in the most authentic and beautiful light. Afterall, if we are working on creating that first impression, we want to give these photos an extra special spark!

Recently, Miss N. has come to our studio to capture her very own elegant portraits, ones that can be both versatile and authentic. We wanted to make sure that every photo reflects her lovely personality and highlights her style. We opted in for some harmonious professional backgrounds with colors to compliment her complection and great outfits. It was a great pleasure working with Miss N and we couldn’t be happier with the results!

Stay tuned for the boudoir part of our session with Miss N. that is to come in the next weeks!



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