Meet our team members: Christina

May 10, 2023Commercial, Elegant Portrait

Meet our team members: Christina



When you reach out to our studio, you’ll have the pleasure of speaking with Christina, our talented associate photographer, editor, and studio manager.

Recently she had the opportunity to step out from behind the scenes and experience being one of our muses during a creative portrait photoshoot and we wanted to share her experience with you.

Guided by Lora, our creative director and photographer, Christina felt the thrill of being in front of the camera. She noted that the experience is different when you’re the one being photographed, but having Lora there to provide expert guidance and bring out the best in her made all the difference.

Our inspiration came from the new addition to our wardrobe, a pink robe that gives the perfect glamour vibes and the sophistication of Old Hollywood celebrities. It’s perfect for maternity photography, but also for creating sexy but stunning and elegant portraits that can be as revealing or modest as you desire.

We believe that teamwork is the key to creating magic. For over a decade, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the most skilled professionals in Toronto’s photography, beauty, editing, and production industries. Each member of our team brings their unique talents and perspective, and when we work together, we create something truly special.

When everyone puts their hearts into their work and pays attention to every detail, the end result is truly amazing. Our team’s dedication to perfecting their techniques and creating stunning boudoir, portrait, maternity, motherhood photos, makeup looks, albums, and more is what allows our photography studio in Toronto to grow. Over time, our team has become our family, and we love to work together to create something unique and as special as you are!

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Lady in a pink glamorous robe holding a flower.