New music release!

Apr 29, 2022Fine Art Nude

New music release!



We at Kissed By Light are incredibly proud to be working with some very talented, wonderful women. Not just experts in their respective fields, many of our ladies have different great passions and beautiful dreams. Over the years, we grew to be a family that strives to support each other in personal and professional endeavors – we love to collaborate with our team members (and our lovely clients as well) on their latest projects. Today, we would like to introduce you to our marvellous Katrina Anastasia, who is not only our amazing expert in ensuring all photo sessions go smoothly and set ups are custom designed to be flawless, but also a very talented singer! With multiple EP releases under her wing now (you may hear some of her beautiful songs in our reels), she has now released a new collection of 6 songs (EP) called “It’s cool to care”.

The story behind this release in her own words:

“I came up with the “motto” “It’s cool to care” about a year ago and it touches on the fact that it seems like these days its cool NOT to care, we fill our body with toxins, we pollute our planet, we don’t seem to care or put any effort when strangers or people across the world are in need. I want to change this stigma.

Because in fact it is cool to care about ourselves, and our health, our family, friends, strangers, the planet, animals, and so on. And when we put that positive loving energy into ourselves and the people around us, the universe amplifies it and allows life to feel a little easier, not as heavy, and our thoughts and actions become a lot cleaner.”

Realesed on the Earth Day, April 22nd, 2022, this message becomes all the stronger in its intent to help make its listeners more aware of the importance of caring about our environment and the planet. It is something that we strongly feel about and so proud to support Katrina in. Working together with our head photographer and founder Lora Vertue, Katrina had some ethereally beautiful photos captured for her song’s cover. Her poses for the session are meant to portray the bare emotions and feel of her latest release. This artistic nude photo series is definitely one of our favorites!

Stream Katrina’s latest realease here –