22 Sep 2020

New beginnings



If you are new to the idea of maternity photography, you might still question whether or not you should capture this time in your life. It is, afterall, an investment and you want to know what you are getting yourself into. Many doubts can arise, especially if the pregnancy itself is not making you feel like the best version of yourself: the hormones, any extra weight, and discomfort can make you feel quite unphotogenic. But, luckily, with quite a few years of maternity photography experience under our belt, we are here to take away all the doubts and make this a magical experience that you deserve.

First and foremost, we try to make preparation as simple as possible – our studio is equipped with a beautiful maternity wardrobe, set ups, and, of course, a great makeup room, so our maternity sessions require minimum preparation. Usually, they are as simple as arranging the best date (around 30-32 weeks into the pregnancy) and coming in for your session in the morning. Then makeup and hair are done for every session, with our makeup artists working to ensure that you look your most spectacular self.  And, as the session begins, our photographer directs you, helping you take the most striking poses. Many of our team members are mothers themselves and had maternity photo sessions to celebrate this important time in their life, so being familiar with what it entails, they are always happy to guide our clients towards the best results.

Recently, we had the pleasure of holding a maternity session with gorgeous Miss S. She came to our studio to create a series of elegant pregnancy photos with her husband and we worked together to find the best looks to achieve her goal. We went with our studio’s beautiful white and pink pregnancy gowns, and, for the last look, Miss S brought a great casual set of jeans and a top, which made for some wonderful modern photos. We are absolutely in love with the results of this session, and we hope that you enjoy viewing the photo selection that we have prepared for you!


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