07 May 2020

Mother’s day


Mother’s Day is, perhaps, every day, but it doesn’t make this holiday all the less special! This celebration of mother’s unconditional love, beauty, and strength in the first warm days of spring holds a special place in our heart and reminds us just how important it is to show appreciation to the most important woman in our life. Be it fresh flowers, a special gift or even just a warm, thoughtful note, there can be many ways to show your love on Mother’s Day. And when a family comes to us to celebrate her day with a family photo session, we absolutely enjoy making this day all the more special. Life can often be full of changes, making the moments of unity all the more rare as time passes by and children grow up, which is why capturing a beautiful family photo is a job that our studio takes seriously. Family portraits let you always take your family with you wherever you go, even if its just in the form of photos.

Recently, we had a pleasure of working on creating a beautiful family portrait for Miss E and her wonderful two girls. They have brought some wonderful matching looks for the session, and we went for a few different set ups: a couple of our favorite backgrounds, each full of light and warmth, as well as a classic, formal background. Perfect muses, the ladies absolutely shined in the photos, making each one of them bright and full of love! We are very excited to show you the results!


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