Meet our team members: Sonia

Feb 4, 2022Elegant Portrait

Meet our team members: Sonia


We truly believe that magic happens when you put a good team together! Over a decade of work with some of the most talented ladies in Toronto’s photography, beauty, editing, and production industries has confirmed it time and time again! It makes such an amazing difference when everyone who is working on the photo sessions from start to finish is putting their heart into the work and taking care of every detail. And it is our team members’ dedication to advancing their techniques, working on creating that perfect boudoir, portrait or maternity makeup looks, edits, albums, and so much more, that enables our studio to continue growing. Over time, our Kissed By Light team has become our family, one that we cherish and, as you can imagine, take lots of photos with! Today, we would like to open up the curtain to our backstage and start a new series, one by one introducing members of our team and, of course, showcasing some lovely creative photos we take together!

If you have booked a session with us recently, you have most likely talked to Sonia! As our client manager she is always there to make preparations for photo session seamless. Our studio is very lucky to have very multifaceted talents and Sonia is definitely one of them – graphic design, writing, and creative session input are some of her favorite pursuits at the studio. You will find many of the latest blog posts, email newsletters, Instagram posts, and graphic designs made by her with love! Recently, Sonia and our founder/photographer Lora Vertue have decided to put together a little creative session, and Sonia tried herself in the role of a model. They incorporated some lovely natural textures, shadows, and various outfits into this wonderful creative photo session, capturing some very unique photos!

We hope that you enjoy viewing this photo series and getting to know a little bit more about our Sonia!

Stay tuned as we introduce another member of our lovely team soon!