12 Aug 2021

Maternity series in black and white


Just like most modes of self expression, photography is undoubtedly subject to ever evolving trends. Fashion, boudoir, and maternity photography evolves each and every season. Work of some of the most known publications and, in today’s world, social media accounts, often leads the change in photography with introduction of new styles, looks, and fashion. So what is one to do when choosing the style to go with for one’s very own photo session? What if the looks that seem so unique and fresh today look downright silly in ten years time? Afterall, when it comes to personal photography, you want it to look beautiful for many years to come as it turns into a precious memory. We find that the answer lies in balance – we love to try out new looks and styles at the studio but always seek to incorporate timeless and personal elements that may never age or go after style.

Such was the case when we had the opportunity to work with our lovely muse Miss A. Together, we worked to create a session that is both modern yet timeless, incorporating her elegant style into every shot. And, to give it that extra touch of elegance, we made part of the session in an effortlessly classy black and white style.

We hope that you enjoy this lovely maternity series!

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