Like Mother, Like Daughter Elegant Portrait Session

Feb 4, 2015Elegant Portrait, Motherhood

Like Mother, Like Daughter Elegant Portrait Session

“One of the most important relationships we have is the relationship with our mothers”.

A professional photoshoot is the perfect way to capture that special connection and delicate dynamic that only a mother and daughter can share. Following a gorgeous bridal photoshoot with us, our beautiful muse, Miss J, has returned to our photo studio with her parents for a family photoshoot. The results have surpassed our expectations – the photographs have captured warm moments celebrating that special closeness between Miss J and her parents, creating a collection of artistic images her family will always treasure.

Like mother, like daughter, mother’s natural beauty and elegance has passed down to Miss J and their likeness is even further evident in the photographs. Both ladies brought a variety of classic refined gowns, as well as traditional Chinese outfits, and looked dazzlingly glamorous.

Thank you Miss J and family for allowing us to capture the beauty of your special connection and love.

Enjoy our selection!