10 Mar 2020

Kissed By Light Muse


What is a muse? In ancient Greece, no artist could ever dream of achieving greatness without patronage of one of the nine goddesses called muses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who preside over the arts and sciences. And even then, they only covered a handful of subjects, and, as you might have guessed, there was no muse of photography! So where do we find inspiration today? To us, this answer came itself, for each of our subjects irrevocably becomes our muse and a source of great inspiration! We can’t help but feel extremely lucky to be working with so many different, truly inspirational women, who not only captivate our lens, but also show all the many aspects, achievements, and paths of being a modern woman! Their beauty, passion, and strength are motivational and, needless to say, no photo has ever looked the same over 10 years of our studio’s work. Each woman undoubtedly carries her own spark and influences our work to a great extent.

Our marvelous returning muse Miss S is one of our great inspirations! A stunning mother of three beautiful girls (you can see her previous session here), she captivates the lens in her own unique way and style. This time, we got a chance to do a fashion oriented shoot, featuring some of Miss S’ beautiful looks. Her sparkling, warm personality shines through each and every photo proving, yet again, what great influence a muse has on a photographer’s work! And today, we are very excited to share a little peak into her photo session!


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Kissed by Light