06 Nov 2019

Joy of expectation


Mother’s love is perhaps one of the most beautiful and incredible things to be experienced in life! We get to see it first hand and it surely never ceases to amaze us. Undoubtedly one of our favorite photography subjects, maternity photography, definitely never gets dull, always teaching us something new with all its variety and warm, joyful outlook. And, of course, all mothers to be have a unique spark about them, a spark that becomes even stronger during this special time, and shines through every photo. We can argue that its all in the body language, or a special kind of smile, but in the end, what happens in front of the lens is nothing short of magic!

Marvelous Miss A has happened to be our muse recently, when she was expecting not one, but two bundles of joy – her pair of twins!! She came with her little daughter to create a series of maternity photographs for this special occasion. And we just can’t take our eyes away from the incredible photos that came to be! It is hard not to smile when you see such a lovely family! Every photo is radiating with warmth and love, set in timeless, classic environment.

We are very proud to present a peak into her photo series and hope that you enjoy viewing it!


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