About us

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Hello, Gorgeous!

Welcome to Kissed by Light: a unique experience, created for women by women, to bolster confidence, explore femininity, and affirm inner power through the lens of some of the most talented photographers in the industry.

The Victorian word boudoir refers to a section of the private suite of rooms adjacent to a lady’s bedchamber. A private feminine space where a woman could relax, get pampered, try on outfits and lingerie, and simply be herself. (Something a modern woman rarely has time for!)

Our all-female team is dedicated to creating a makeover day, specially tailored for each woman to enjoy and let her guard down. Our safe, welcoming, and beautiful environment pays an hommage to the boudoir of times gone by, and through the power of photography, we strive to commemorate beauty, elegance, and timeless style.

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