From The Great Gatsby to Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Mar 26, 2015Commercial, Elegant Portrait

From The Great Gatsby to Breakfast at Tiffany’s

We had a unique and fantastic opportunity this Winter to work with a wonderfully creative client in our photo studio and to realize her long held dream of re-enacting historical fashion periods. Miss P was always interested in the history of fashion, especially the early 20th century trends. Eventually, this interest turned into a dream of putting together historically accurate outfits characteristic to the early decades of the past century for a personal fashion photoshoot.

The importance of fashion throughout history had always held a special interest and importance in our society. For Miss P these fashions were not simply the outfits women of the past used to put on in the morning. Each trend contains a statement, a special code that defines the period, it’s politics, historical events and women’s status in the society.

We are very happy that Miss P chose our photo studio to plan and realize this unique photoshoot and make her dream come true!

Here we’ve put together the main looks we photographed in the studio with Miss P. From the early conservative 1910’s to the more liberating “The Great Gatsby”‘s 1920’s; from post war 40’s and 50’s to Audrey Hepburn’s classy 60’s; the looks to which the fashions of today still turn for inspiration.

Thank you Miss P for giving us this unique opportunity to push our creative boundaries and for the unlimited source of inspiration!

Enjoy our selection!