16 Oct 2020

Finding your maternity looks



The big day is approaching, preparation guide has been read, the bag is ready to be packed… And you are completely our of ideas on what to wear for your upcoming maternity photo session? What would make it uniquely you and extra special? We completely understand the problem! After all, a pregnancy photo session doesn’t happen every day, and these photos will be there to remind you of this very special period in your life for many years to come. We are glad to say that, at Kissed By Light, this problem is usually already at least half solved – we provide access to our stylist curated maternity collection that contains classics such as maternity gowns and robes. Available in different colors, maternity gowns make for a lovely, timeless look and are an easy go to. But what if you would like to do something more unique and contemporary? We (or rather our muses) have the answer!

Over the years, we got the opportunity to create a mix of contemporary and classic maternity sessions, and every muse has brought her own inspirations for her session, which we would love to share with you! Recently, we had the pleasure of holding a maternity session for the lovely Miss A. She had a special, contemporary vision for her photo shoot, and we were delighted to jump to the task! She has brought a series of beautiful, modern looks, each with a certain twist: an elegant turtle neck look, a sporty undewear look, a black suit, and a classic white shirt with blue jeans look. Each one of them make for a great example of contemporary maternity looks and are bound to be timeless!

Without further ado, we hope that you enjoy this beautiful photo series with our gorgeus muse Miss A!

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