18 Jun 2020

Father’s day magic


Father’s Day is certainly one of the most special yearly celebrations and one that looks uniquely different in every family. A celebration of the man who first tought us to dream, to think big, and to persevere is bound to be unique and, of course, it goes far beyond a gift of a “world’s best dad” mug. So what do we gift such a special man in our life?! Aside from the mug (we probably already gave him one), special moments and experiences are probably our favorite type of gift. Afterall, it is time spent together that matters the most, and it is the time that is oh so fleeting as we grow up and get busy. And capturing these moments on camera goes without saying – trust us, if you have a camera or even a phone camera, make sure to grab it along on your next trip or day out with your father! Capturing this time together will make for a beautiful reminder and will preserve its magic for years to come. But, if in doubt or would like to commit to the photography idea fully, come to our studio for a special family session together.

Recently, we had a wonderful father and daughter session at the studio. Mr J and his beautiful little daughter M have instantly captured our hearts and the camera. Every capture just reminds us how important the time we spend with out fathers is, and makes us all the more excited for the father’s day to come this weekend!


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