07 Aug 2019

Family traditions

No one family is alike but all are so very special. Many of our families have unique traditions, to be preserved and maintained for generations to come, and yet, in today’s digital world, it can be hard to maintain some of these cherished customs. And one particular tradition that seems to be changing most with the new onset of digital media is family photo albums. Many of us still remember the days when our parents kept maintained records of the family’s big events and milestones, preserving them one photo at a time. A family photo album, with each passing year, becomes all the more precious, and its tradition is something we at Kissed By Light Studio would like to help maintain. Which is why we take our album production very seriously! Made from fine materials and only the best printing techniques, they are a beautiful reminder, designed to preserve memories for years to come.

Ms. J came to our studio to celebrate one of the most precious milestones in the life of a newly started family – first pregnancy. Elegant, and timeless, her style and compositions created photos that are not only breathtaking but are surely to remain a tasteful heirloom. Wonderfully charming, she lights up every photo, and we were so very honoured to create this photo series and a photo album for her. We hope that the album brings joy to Ms. J and her family for years to come.

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