09 Dec 2021

Family time


Holidays mean different things to many people in Canada – there are all kinds of traditions and different celebrations set to take place this season among families. But there is one thing that most celebrations have in common during the holiday season – family time. Once the first jingles and Christmas lights go up, it’s hard to take your mind off all the special family moments this season has in store. At our studio, it is the season for family gifts and photo sessions. Be it daughters gifting their mothers a family photo session, new couples capturing their first holidays together with a portrait or new mothers preparing a holiday family card, there are many opportunities and they all come down to capturing that special family moment. It is always a great honour for our team to be there to organize and put together a family session on these special occasions.

Recently, we had a great pleasure of capturing portraits for Miss N’s lovely family. A new mother (she has done a maternity session with us some months before), she has timed the session so that both her mother and sister may be captured together with her baby, making it a portrait of three generations! Miss N has coordinated some beautiful and elegant looks for the session, and we created a few portraits in classic black looks, and a few in lovely white and black combinations. Looking to capture portraits that show timeless elegance and grace, we opted for classic dark and white backgrounds with different lighting. We are absolutely delighted how beautiful everything has turned out and very excited to share some of the photos from this session with you!


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