13 Jan 2017

Family Portrait Session

A family is, without doubt, the greatest wealth we will ever possess. The most precious and important people in our lives are in the family we come from and the family we create, defining who we are. Family undergoes changes – kids grow, then get married, have children of their own and it seems that all these precious moments happen and then slip away so fast, giving place to new memories. The only way to capture these important stages are with photography. A family album holds a great value for the whole family, a treasure and a chronicle guaranteed to be viewed many times and passed on to generations. As photographers, we think that a role of professional family photography is very important. In our studio we chose a less traditional path in family portraiture, giving preference to a more candid and genuine style of photography. We prefer to capture unique precious moments shared by our subjects when they are at their most natural stage – interacting, having fun and being themselves.

Our returning muse, Miss D, was in our studio about a year earlier for her maternity photoshoot. We were very happy to see Miss D in our studio again, this time for a portrait session with her adorable baby daughter and her beautiful family.

Enjoy our selection!


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