18 Sep 2019

Elegant mother to be

It never ceases to amaze just how varied and unique each photo session looks compared to one another, all while photographed at the same Kissed By Light Studio. Similar set ups seem an entirely different world for each of our beautiful ladies, as they make their photos their own. From styling to composition, the mood and the color scheme, every little detail speaks of our subjects’ character and captivates in its very own, unique way.

Such was the case for our lovely muse Ms. O, who has come to the studio to commemorate an important time in her and her husband’s life – pregnancy. Her maternity photos are wonderfully elegant and look absolutely striking in the black and white theme. The photo session looks undoubtedly timeless – the photos would remain looking elegant and charming as they do today for many years to come due to their classic theme and color scheme.

And we are very happy to present you with a little peak into Ms. O’s stunning photo session!

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