02 Mar 2017

Delicate Maternity Photoshoot

When a woman gets pregnant her life changes, her body and mind transforms and re-adjusts to a fascinating and important task of growing life, making pregnancy a truly special and unique time in a woman’s life. As photographers, we are truly grateful to be able to capture the ethereal beauty and heightened femininity of this period. There is only about a month (usually around the 7th month) during which a pregnant woman is still flexible and has high enough energy levels while her belly is already well pronounced and has a beautiful round shape perfect for maternity photography. During a maternity photoshoot with our lovely muse, Miss B, we’ve used a variety of set-ups in our studio – from simple and delicate looks using fabrics from our Studio Wardrobe collection, to a dramatic silhouette lighting emphasizing our muse’s beautiful pregnancy shape. Enjoy our selection!

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