16 Dec 2022

Capturing the magic of motherhood



Mother, mère, mama, mam, mutter, okaachan, am’mā… In every country, in hundreds of different languages, and millions of families, it is often this word (or perhaps its simplified version) that becomes one of the very first in an individual’s life! So much is encompassed in its meaning, and so many feelings and emotions come alight when we hear it… The journey of motherhood is probably one of the most incredible ones that we have ever captured (at least partly)! Our founder Lora is herself a mother to three beautiful children, and so are several of our team members, and this personal experience often becomes the first point of inspiration that we draw from when approaching maternity and family photography. Reflecting on the love and warmth so fundamental during pregnancy and motherhood, we look towards artistic output to capture what can’t quite be described with words! Light, colors, gentle textures, angles, and a few photography tricks come to play when capturing our wonderful mothers! No one mother is the same, of course, so every session creates its very own, special storyline, one that allows her to shine through in her very own, unique light.

A few years ago, we got to meet one of the lovely mothers that we got to work with over the years, our wonderful muse, Miss S. She came to capture her very first maternity photo session back then, and we worked together to create something that would reflect her personal spark as a mother to be, as well as her style and personality. The results turned out absolutely beautiful, and it was such a great pleasure to work with her! So we couldn’t be happier when we recently got to work with Miss S again and, this time, meet her daughter (whom she was carrying during her last session) as well!  We had a really great time collaborating on new ideas and putting together the special setups for this session, filling them with bright details, flowers, and beautiful textures. Both ladies’ personalities shined through the camera as they have followed some of our classic poses but also got captured in some truly candid, beautiful moments. This was an absolutely magical mother-daughter maternity photoshoot, and we think that every photo feels alive with their personality and love! Needless to say, we are very excited to share a little peek into this special photoshoot!

To see more of our past maternity sessions, take a look at our maternity blog or Instagram.


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