Behind the scenes

For a glimpse of the magic occurring in our studio during photoshoots, watch the videos below…

A bright and sensuous photo session with one of our wonderful muses. Some of our signature sets and wardrobe pieces have been used to create this delicate, ballerina inspired shoot. Full of light and beautiful textures, every shot has been thought through to create an ideal aesthetic balance and bring out our subject’s charm and character.

Reminiscent of classic glamour photographs, this photo session features some of the studio’s timeless pieces and the signature Kissed By Light style. Our muse’s charm and wonderful smile stood out in every photo, with every set up and outfit change expressing different moods, while the natural light and delicate fabrics emphasized her beautiful glow.

“Some like it hot!” or the Marilyn inspired photo session with our charming muse. Simple, yet portraying an intricate, delicate character of our subject, this photo session uses beautiful contrasts and playful poses. Her wardrobe selection is simple, emphasizing her down to earth character, while the set ups used are minimalistic and classy.