Before you say “I DO”…

Dec 1, 2022Bridal Boudoir

Before you say “I DO”…



Every bride-to-be knows, there are a whole lot of things that need to be done before the wedding! Even a small intimate occasion may rake up an unenviable checklist for the future bride! In the end, weddings have a lot of societal and religious traditions that impose themselves on every happy couple. Some are fun, some less so but, most importantly, they should never take away from the wedding’s very essence – the love and union between two individuals. There is an aspect of every ceremony that will remain private and personal to every couple, one that involves their own little secrets and surprises for each other. One way that many of our brides have chosen to privately celebrate their love and surprise their grooms, is with the creation of a bridal boudoir! You may wonder, what is a bridal boudoir? A special gift for the groom on the wedding day (or sometimes before/after depending on your timing), it is a collection of your bridal-themed photos, that could feature such wedding items as your garter, shoes, veil, flowers, and even the dress itself! It also often involves several lingerie looks of different themes, from the classic white to the more dramatic red and black ones! Often, it may also include a few fun little surprises for the groom, such as a lingerie look in his favorite sports jersey, or a detail that you have bonded over in the past. Creativity can be endless during these sessions and such photos become a very special way to celebrate him on this big day!

And, as it usually goes with the very best kinds of gifts…bridal boudoir is a gift to the giver herself too! It is a day of pampering and celebration, as you embark on a personal transformation into a boudoir model with a glass of sparkling as you get your makeup done, hair styled, and outfits planned by a team of professionals. Your favorite ideas take flight with the help of the studio’s crew, as set ups are built to reflect your style, inspirations, and special requirements. We create settings featuring fine fabrics, furniture, backgrounds, flowers, and special lighting. Every little detail is thought through to ensure that the final results are nothing short of striking yet tasteful.

The photography process itself is designed to be simple and fun! No modeling experience is necessary, as our team guides every move, finding your very best angles and poses. The goal is always to emphasize individuality, uniqueness, beauty, and character, so that photos may speak for themselves. The best boudoir looks captivate and look timeless. As they should because we later preserve them in one of our custom printed products, to ensure that they may bring joy and remind the couple about this wonderful surprise for years to come. Fine vintage leather albums, silk folios, and lovely mini books are some of our muses’ all time favorite way to present the boudoir photos.

And, in the end, it is the grooms, of course, who speak for themselves when they receive their gift! A few of our lovely muses have even sent in the videos showing their grooms’ reactions. Which are, by the way, priceless – stories.

Over the last decade, our studio got a chance to work with some absolutely wonderful brides! Each with their very own, special story of love, they deeply inspired us to create bridal boudoir photos that may reflect their individuality and spark. They have honored us greatly by making us a part of this incredible journey in their lives (many of them even went on to come back to the studio for their first maternity and family photos too). We wanted to take a moment and reflect on some of our favorite bridal boudoir shots from over the years, and create a little gallery!

We hope that you enjoy this selection! If you have any questions about bridal boudoir, please don’t hesitate to reach our lovely manager Cristina, who will be happy to help – contact us.

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