21 Aug 2020

Ballet muse


Over 10 fruitful, magical years, thousands of photo sessions, and countless photos taken under the creative vision of our founder, we can’t help but wonder at the great diversity behind each and every one of the photos captured at our studio. Afterall, one would imagine we are bound to get an identical photo if we work in the same studio, with similar set ups, poses, and under one signature style! But just as there are no two people completely alike, there are no two identical photo sessions. Our subjects always have been and always will be one of our greatest sources of inspiration and the main reason why our photos can never be the same. Together, both the subject and the photographer become cocreators, inspired and driven by each other’s experience to create something beautiful. On the side of the photographer lie the years of technical and creative experience that help turn any photo session into a form of art, and on the side of our subjects lie the character, the passions, the style and the direction of the session, all of which give photos their soul.

Today, we want to share with you one such collaboration with our muse from the past! The lovely Miss M. did a session with us that was fully dedicated to her passion of ballet. We always absolutely love to capture our muses’ talents and interests, so we knew that this will be a very special photo shoot! Set in a beautiful dusk light, this session features many intimate and even whimsical shots, each full of character and the romantic ballet elements. We hope that you enjoy viewing this photo series!

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