Studio Wardrobe Access Service

A question we hear most often is “What should I wear for my boudoir photo shoot?”

Your photoshoot wardrobe can be composed of everyday things, such as sweaters and tank tops, and/or more glamorous lingerie and corsets.

Items we always recommend to bring are high heels, stockings, thongs, body suites, bustiers and bras with good support. From classic black to soft pastels to bridal white to bright neon hues, lace and silk look great on every body type. Prepare a wardrobe that suits and flatters your body type. Make sure all items fit you well. Visit our Shopping Guide page for lingerie boutiques recommendations.

We encourage our clients to bring as many wardrobe items as they want, regardless of the number of looks in their package, so that we can experiment and mix and match items to put together the most suitable outfits. All of our team members have an exceptional styling and fashion sense, so you can fully rely on their advice!

Studio Wardrobe Access

Don’t have a large collection of lingerie at home? Not enough time to shop? Or simply want to try new styles on?

Throughout the many years of running the studio and with the help of our professional stylist, we’ve put together a beautiful wardrobe collection consisting of unique and gorgeous lingerie pieces. From basic lingerie to hand-made and designer items, our collection is complete with high heel shoes and glamorous accessories.

Full access to all of our wardrobe items is available for a fee of $150*

Whether you bring your own wardrobe or combine it with ours, we will provide you with plenty of style guidance and help you select and put together the most beautiful outfits!

*Sizes may vary. Please let us know your basic measurements and shoe size prior to booking the service.