29 Sep 2020

  Not long ago, the realms of professional photography, makeup, and styling were reserved solely for the stars. The icons of cinema, music, fashion, and art would shine on the photos with what seemed like unattainable beauty. Few women dared to imagine that they may possess a comparable look to that of Maria Callas or […]

22 Sep 2020

    If you are new to the idea of maternity photography, you might still question whether or not you should capture this time in your life. It is, afterall, an investment and you want to know what you are getting yourself into. Many doubts can arise, especially if the pregnancy itself is not making […]

17 Sep 2020

  Over the years, we had the pleasure of celebrating so many different, special, and important occasions with our lovely muses. Together, we celebrated beauty during our boudoir photo sessions, love during our classic couple’s portraits, family in our lively family photo sets, motherhood during our maternity photo sessions, and so many other important aspects […]

10 Sep 2020

    Oh that pregnancy glow! Some ladies say that it’s a myth (granted, if you feel morning sickness, you don’t always feel glowing) but we at the studio like to think that there is more to it than a beautiful complexion. There is something so very special about the mother to be’s loving look […]

03 Sep 2020

    Whether or not you work in a creative field, you probably know that inspiration is a fickle and temperamental creature. One day, new ideas fill your head abound and, another, you can’t seem to decide what to wear, let alone tackle a creative task at hand. So, what should you do when in […]

25 Aug 2020

    We at Kissed By Light Studio strive to keep things fresh and interesting, this is why we are always on the look out for new inspiration. It can be found virtually anywhere we look: nature, fashion, fine art, architecture, graphic design, and the list could go on! And, when it comes to our […]

21 Aug 2020

  Over 10 fruitful, magical years, thousands of photo sessions, and countless photos taken under the creative vision of our founder, we can’t help but wonder at the great diversity behind each and every one of the photos captured at our studio. Afterall, one would imagine we are bound to get an identical photo if […]

11 Aug 2020

  Once in a while, we like to look to the past for inspiration – afterall, they say that fashion is cyclical and so are the photography trends. In these pleasant recollections, we get to see how far along we came and get reminded of the little things that we used to love but simply […]

30 Jul 2020

  It comes as no surprise that colors, textures, and light have an ability to portray emotions in a very powerful way. Be it a canvas of a seasoned artist, an elaborate sculpture, an architectural design, a work presentation or even a sandwich – there is a secret unspoken language behind every shape and color. […]

23 Jul 2020

  There are few things as precious in life as family. The family that we build together, grow with, and nurture makes for the greatest treasure, one that we want to cherish and celebrate as much as we can. And when big milestones come along, commemorating them takes on great importance! So, when our lovely […]

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