Maternity photo taken in studio
12 Feb 2024

    When discussing maternity photography styles, Kissed by Light Studio takes pride in offering a diverse range that beautifully captures the unique essence of each expecting mother. Step away from the classic and embrace the contemporary with our latest maternity photoshoot, where we explored a vibrant, colorful, and elegant approach to showcasing the beauty […]

Lady in red lingerie posing for a boudoir photoshoot
22 Dec 2023

  Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-love and empowerment this Valentine’s Day? Our studio is thrilled to unveil a tantalizing opportunity for you to dip your toes into the enchanting world of boudoir photography with our special package. While it may not be our full Kissed by Light Boudoir experience, our […]

Composition of several professional headshots in studio.
12 Dec 2023

  In today’s digital age, your profile picture serves as your virtual handshake, while your LinkedIn photo acts as an introduction to the professional world. It’s easy to underestimate the importance of keeping our professional photos updated. The reality is, the image you present online can shape perceptions, influencing both career opportunities and personal connections. […]

08 Dec 2023

    In the world of maternity photography, each session tells a unique story, capturing the beauty and essence of the expectant mother. At our photography studio in Toronto, we recently had the pleasure of working with the radiant Miss. N, whose grace and charm inspired us to create a series of simple, elegant, and […]

Black and white boudoir photo of a woman in lingerie
02 Nov 2023

    Age is often used as an excuse to avoid stepping in front of the camera, but at our studio, we believe that celebrating oneself is one of the best occasions for a Boudoir session. Miss E, a radiant, elegant, and confident woman, graced our studio to celebrate her birthday with a boudoir photoshoot […]

A mother and her baby.
24 Oct 2023

    In the world of photography, few subjects are as heartwarming and timeless as motherhood and family. At our studio, we’ve made it our mission to transform every session into an unforgettable experience, especially when little ones are involved. We understand the magic of capturing those tender moments between moms and their children, whether […]

Before and after photos from a boudoir session and her review.
06 Oct 2023

    In the hustle and bustle of life, we often forget to celebrate ourselves. Days turn into months, and before we know it, another year has passed. We’re not getting any younger, and today is the youngest you’re ever going to be. That’s why there’s no perfect moment like the present to book a […]

Pregnant lady in fishnet bodysuit
15 Sep 2023

  Today, we’re excited to take you on another journey into the enchanting world of maternity photography, featuring our muse, the radiant Miss K. As some of you may recall, Miss K graced our blog before, where we showcased the romantic and ethereal side of her maternity session. Today, we invite you to join us […]

Hands holding a frame
13 Sep 2023

      Are you ready to turn yourself into stunning photography wall art? Look no further because we have an exciting offer just for you! With any BOUDOIR or MATERNITY photo session you will receive a 16×20″ photo print*. Your print will be crafted on high-quality photo paper, showcasing the vibrant colors and intricate […]

Lady dancing
05 Sep 2023

    In today’s world, the journey towards women’s empowerment remains an essential one. It’s about embracing self-love, self-confidence, and finding security in one’s own skin. At Kissed by Light Studio, we understand the significance of this voyage and how celebrating it can be a transformative experience. Our returning client, ANNALISA, revisited our studio to […]

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