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If you are like us and flip the pages of fashion magazines and fine art books, look at paintings in the museums and thinking I wish I had a piece of art celebrating my own uniqueness, femininity and beauty, you should definitely shoot with us!

Our intention is to create a collection of images for you as a memorable keepsake for yourself, your loved one(s), and we secretly hope that in a couple of generations down the line your granddaughter will have a precious antique book of her grandma’s photos to pass on to her daughter in turn. Start a tradition in your family!

Every stage of womanhood is wonderful while having its own dimension – from a gentle young bud in her twenties, to the beautiful liberated lady in full bloom in her fifties – womanhood, character are very unique at each stage of woman’s life. We may be photo maniacs, but we sincerely believe that every woman needs to have the best side of her, of her every stage of life, encapsulated in a photo.
If you wondering if you should shoot – you have to! “Better now than later, and better late then never.” Do you remember your professionally-done photos that you wish you didn’t do? Another question – Do you remember times of your life that you wish you have beautiful photos from? Exactly!

We are of the opinion: shoot now, and, sure, shoot later! You now is never the same as you tomorrow, and it looks like only Madonna’s body gets more fit over years. So don’t postpone, capture your uniqueness today.

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We are looking forward to hearing from you and photographing your fabulousness.


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