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At kissed by Light Photo studio we meet a lot of amazing people and all our clients have very different, interesting and exciting personalities. We were lucky to meet Keri and then her husband Noah. We had an amazing boudoir photo shoot with Keri which was a present for her fiancee Noah. Couple of weeks later she contacted us with an unusual request to do a Wedding portrait session at our studio. We gladly agreed, it was so new and exciting to us – something we’ve never done before! We decided to do the session Vanity Fair style. The session was a lot of fun, was very creative and easy going. We had a great time working with Keri, Noah and their family and friends. Please take a look at the result and see for yourself.

We wish Keri and Noah best of luck and hope to see you again at our studio!

Also, check out the video form behind the scenes the link

Before the New Year’s Eve we decided to do something personal and creative in our studio. Usually we do very glamorous and refined work, this time we focused on creating emotional and artistic photography which has a lot of depth and concept. As our model we chose one of our good friends of the studio and our return client, who is a large public figure  and would like to remain anonymous in our blog. We selected a few photographs from our session which do not reveal her identity.We did not expect that it would turn out to be the hottest, sexiest and most inspiring photo shoot of almost all we’ve done! Who knew that such a shy and modest but stunning woman would have so much power and sensuality in front of the camera. We were blown away by how sensual and multifaceted she can be!

Thank you for giving us a blast of warmth and energy this cold winter!


When Miss S arrived to our studio we were stunned by her exotic look. In combination with soft and translucent lace, she shines like a true gem and her beautiful features give the photographs a sense of mystery and sensuality. It’s a rare sight to  capture such a beautiful woman with so much deep and unique energy.

We thank you, Miss S for being our muse!


Who would have thought that 5 o’clock studio light would create a romantic and magic atmosphere?

As we were planning the shoot with my good friend Lena, who is not only an amazing photographer as well, but also a mother of 3 (!!!), we didn’t expect the sunset to transform the studio space into almost surreal set for a very special and private photo shoot.

As we carried on with the photo shoot we were surprised and delighted by how the evening light transformed our amazing model and our set into a whirpool of golden sunshine and deep, beautiful contour shadows.

We thank you, Lena, for helping us discover this magical realm of sunset light and being our muse!

We absolutely love working with women. Woman’s energy is fluid, delicate and creative – and capturing that energy and character on photographs is the most rewarding experience for us. One of the most talented creative goddesses and a dear friend of ours is Anat of who we absolutely loved photographing! We photographed on Anat’s actual birthday, as she decided to make a beautiful and memorable gift to herself of fashion and art inspired portraiture to capture her femininity as this age.
She was probably a mermaid in her past life as in her signature jewelry one can see all shades of water, from raw diamonds and gold to aquamarine and larimar (what a name!). And now her feminine, delicate and mysterious sides are not only manifested in her jewelry creations, but in her fine art portraiture as well.
Anat, thank you for sharing your energy and beauty with us, we are absolutely enchanted!

Happy Birthday!

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