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What does it mean to be a mom? To give sacrifice, devotion, your heart, your mind, your energy and soul. To love with a never-failing love, to give strength and sweet security. To mix hard work together with fun. To be a miracle. To be a mom. I want to devote this to all mothers. Cheers to us! :)

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Vinnie the Pooh

….. So, now that that worriment is out of the way, we can return to Pooh, who has chosen a blue balloon to cunningly blend in with the sky, and is rolling around in a very muddy place to disguise himself as a small black cloud, to blend in with the other small black clouds. And once he has become sufficiently muddy he takes hold of the balloon and floats up 20 feet into the air ….

My kids love this story :)



Several days ago my dear friend Elena became a mother third time!! She already has two boys and now she has a little girl! I’m very happy for her and her family. Can’t wait to see and congratulate her personally!


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