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Seeing our muses back in our studio during most special and precious moments in their lives is what makes our job so wonderful! Our returning muse, Miss S, came back to our studio for the third time (see her 1st photo session & 2nd photo session), this time to be captured during the most delicate and feminine stage, pregnancy. Just like at her previous two sessions, she wanted to use bohemian fashion and style for this photoshoot. Miss S brought gorgeous, unique outfits, jewellery and head pieces to reflect the bohemian mood of the shoot and we had fun experimenting with beautiful floral accessories.

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About two years ago, Miss J came to our studio for her first maternity photoshoot and we did a breathtakingly beautiful session with her (Fairytale Maternity Photoshoot). This year we were thrilled and excited to see Miss J back in our studio for her second maternity photo session. This moment was even more special for us because Miss J brought along her adorable baby boy we photographed only 2 years prior! Just like the last time, Miss J’s wide blue eyes, blonde locks and gorgeous maternity gowns made her look like a princess straight out of a Disney fairytale. The photo session results were mesmerizing, capturing the special and magical time that is pregnancy and the beauty of motherly love. Thank you for being our muse, Miss J!

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When a woman gets pregnant her life changes, her body and mind transforms and re-adjusts to a fascinating and important task of growing life, making pregnancy a truly special and unique time in a woman’s life. As photographers, we are truly grateful to be able to capture the ethereal beauty and heightened femininity of this period. There is only about a month (usually around the 7th month) during which a pregnant woman is still flexible and has high enough energy levels while her belly is already well pronounced and has a beautiful round shape perfect for maternity photography. During a maternity photoshoot with our lovely muse, Miss B, we’ve used a variety of set-ups in our studio – from simple and delicate looks using fabrics from our Studio Wardrobe collection, to a dramatic silhouette lighting emphasizing our muse’s beautiful pregnancy shape. Enjoy our selection!

Maternity is a unique and special time in a woman’s life and deserves to be celebrated and captured in a form of an artwork. This classy and glamorous maternity session was photographed in our studio on a sunny winter day. We’ve used three different set-ups to accommodate our beautiful muse’s looks and glamorous outfits. Specifically for this shoot, our stylist, Ameri, created a gorgeous makeshift white dress which we photographed flowing behind our muse, Miss L. Focusing on the beauty, sensuality and elegance of pregnancy, we’ve emphasized Miss L’s gorgeous curves and her natural good looks. Thank you for being our muse, Miss L!

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We were delighted to photograph this maternity photo session with beautiful Miss L – this photoshoot became very special to us. Early on, the preparation for this glamorous maternity session didn’t go very smooth. Miss L had found and ordered a gorgeous white and flowy maternity gown specifically for this photoshoot, but the complications with her order (beyond her control) have delayed the package delivery and she did not have an outfit ready on time for her photoshoot. She arrived in our studio on the day of her scheduled photoshoot, quite stressed and upset about her outfit not being delivered on time. What began as a challenge, gave us an opportunity to use our creativity to solve this issue. With the help of our stylist, Ameri, we have put together a makeshift maternity gown from two pieces of white light fabric from our Studio Wardrobe Collection. The result was a dress that looked just as good as the original gown Miss L has ordered and the images turned out simply stunning. Thank you for being our muse, Miss L!

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