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March 2nd, 2017 Comments Disabled Fashion

Our photographers’ creativity spreads to many various directions in photography, including fashion. We’ve been delighted to collaborate with a new clothing brand Feltee on their newest collection product catalogue. Our stylist pieced together the outfits using cardigans from Feltee’s newest collection of Modern Wool Cardigans. Our beautiful model, Nelly, was fantastic to work with during the shoot and wore the pieces with style.

Photographer: Lora Vertue @Kissed by Light Studio
Make-up & Hair: Jennifer Yang @Kissed by Light Studio
Stylist: Ameri Ozigis @Kissed by Light Studio
Wardrobe: Feltee

Where to get these beautiful cardigans:

Facebook: Feltee
Instagram: @felteeofficial

Cold days are here and Winter is upon us, but it is always warm in our photo studio, thanks to all the gorgeous muses, whose beauty we get to capture with our cameras. Over the years of photographing in our studio, we’ve discovered that a photoshoot is a great way to welcome Winter – a glamour photo session will boost your confidence, set you in a great mood, will up your endorphins levels and even help you fight that dreaded winter blues! We are glad to share with you the results of our fun Winter inspired photo session with actress & model Mila Bog. The glamorous make-up was done by our talented make-up artist, Jennifer. The wardrobe was simple – a pair of knee high socks, accessories and a bulky sweater from our Studio Wardrobe, a fur hat and a piece of gorgeous faux fur by our stylist, Ameri. Glam up your Winter and enjoy our selection!

Photographer Daria Perev @ Kissed by Light Studio
Model Mila Bog @newversionmodels, @mpmegamiami, actress @ACTRA Toronto
Stylist Ameri Ozigis @ Kissed by Light Studio
Make up & Hair by Jennifer Yang @ Kissed by Light Studio

Our Winter Special is here! Treat yourself to the professional photoshoot this season and receive a special GIFT*! Contact Us to book your photoshoot today.

*This offer is valid for photoshoots booked before March 31st, 2017.

As part of our sponsorship of last year’s Spadina Museum annual dress up event, The Great Gatsby Garden Party, we’ve provided a photoshoot for a winner of the best costume contest. This year, the winner was a sensational muse, Miss E. This remarkable lady owns a costume store, is a gothic/glam/industrial fashion designer and a prominent figure in the gothic community in Toronto and GTA. She brought a few handmade pieces from her latest collection and we’ve experimented with lighting and poses to create these electrifying images. Thank you for being our muse Miss E!

Check out Miss E’s instagram for gothic inspiration: @madame_absinthe

Enjoy our selection!

As part of our recurring series of interviews, The Power of Her, featuring remarkable women, we are proud to present to you an interview with Elizaveta Bulokhova. Elizaveta, a renowned young fashion model, lost 95% of her jaw to cancer while being pregnant with her son. Her story is that of strength, determination and all-powerful motherly love.

Elizaveta Bulokhova is from Ontario, Canada. When she was 24-years-old and pregnant with her son, Valentin, she received a shocking diagnosis – an osteosarcoma, a cancerous tumor in her jawbone. Following a 16-hour long surgery to remove the tumor, she was told to terminate her pregnancy before undergoing chemotherapy. However, complications in post-surgery wound healing delayed chemotherapy and allowed her enough time – she safely delivered her son 10 weeks early via cesarean section.

Prior to the diagnosis, Elizaveta worked as a fashion model for over 7 years. We were honoured to photograph her in our studio and ask her a few questions about her views for the future, goals in life and what gave her the strength to go through this life-changing experience.


Right now my main focus is to raise Valentin, shower him with family love and attention. Show him how wonderful this world can be.


For now is just to take it day by day, take care of my health, my wellbeing. I am preparing myself mentally and physically for upcoming reconstructive surgeries possibly scheduled next year. Hopefully by than medicine will come up with creative, less complicated way to fix my jaw. It takes lots of energy, strength and patience to recover after surgeries. Post-surgery can have lots of complications and recovery process is not a fun ride.

Usually everything in my life happens spontaneously, quickly and last minute. One day I’m pregnant and the next I am diagnosed with bone cancer. My life is full of surprises. I accept my present and all the challenges life has to offer. I prefer not to make plans for future, I do dream a lot though :) & set short-term goals.


- Have something to look forward each day, something that keeps you going and gives you reasons to wake up every morning with a smile.
- Everyday do things that make you happy. It can be anything (eating your favourite food, watching favourite show, take a bubble bath) something for you, that would bring joy.
- Write everyday on a piece of paper or personal notebook ten things that you love about yourself.
- Write down all the positive things you can think of that happened to you same day.
- Remember tough time doesn’t last forever. If you have done everything that is in your power let universe take care of the rest.
- Try to stay focus on your next step.
- Problems always have solutions. Find solutions that make your life easier, even if it will be just a tiny fix.
- Speak up! Ask lots of questions!
- next time you are feeling shitty challenge yourself to come up with ten things which are awesome that you like thinking about, that makes you happy and you look forward to.
- No matter how hopeless and painful and difficult choices you have to make, you have to keep going because things can change very quickly
- If something is not going the way it is planned, it’s not always a bad thing.
- Believe in yourself
- You are stronger than you know
- Take it easy on yourself
- You are not alone

That’s what cancer does – it takes away parts of you, gives you crazy number of challenges to handle, tests your patience, breaks you apart. But at the end how I feel bout myself is my choice. Today I choose to feel happy, beautiful, to love myself and to accept myself the way I am and that’s all what matters.

HOW DID YOU LIKE WORKING WITH Lora @ Kissed by Light studio?

I had an amazing experience working with Lora at Kissed by light studio. It was really easy to work with her and the team. Lots of light and positive energy. The attitude and professionalism made me feel comfortable and confident in myself. I didn’t even notice how time flew by.

Thank you for being our muse, Elizaveta. We wish you many many years of love, beauty, health and happiness and hope to see you again in our studio!


Styling by Ameri Ozigis, Kissed by Light Photo Studio
Photography by Lora Vertue, Kissed by Light Photo Studio

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