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Family photography is proven to boost children’s confidence and self-esteem. It lets children learn who they are and where they fit, they learn their genealogy and the uniqueness of their family, as well as its story. Displaying family photos prominently in the home sends the message that this family and those in it are important to one another, and they honour the memories they have experienced.

There was a cuteness overload in our studio during our family photo session with a beautiful returning muse, Miss S and her family (see Miss S first family shoot with her baby daughter and husband from 2014 here: Glamorous Family Session). This time she came back for a photosession with her three adorable baby girls to celebrate the birth of her third daughter. For this family photosession we’ve created a similar gentle and airy atmosphere to our previous photo shoot with Miss S, using soft pink pastels, making it fun, casual and cosy for all the girls to feel right at home!

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All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my mother.

George Washington

On this Mother’s Day, we are thrilled to share with you this wonderful Mother-Daughter photo session photographed in our studio. These two beautiful women filled our day with laughter and let their connection shine throughout the session. Their photoshoot was fun, full of smiles, chemistry, warm hugs and compliments. It was a great pleasure to work with this duo and we hope to see them again in our studio! Thank you for being our muses!

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We had a very fun day photographing this beautiful family in our studio! Although we sometimes photograph traditional family portraits, we prefer to work in a candid photography style, capturing the most genuine and memorable and moments of warmth and love between siblings and family. We were glad this lovely family could feel relaxed, being themselves and have fun in our studio, allowing us to take these wonderful family lifestyle photographs.

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About two years ago, Miss J came to our studio for her first maternity photoshoot and we did a breathtakingly beautiful session with her (Fairytale Maternity Photoshoot). This year we were thrilled and excited to see Miss J back in our studio for her second maternity photo session. This moment was even more special for us because Miss J brought along her adorable baby boy we photographed only 2 years prior! Just like the last time, Miss J’s wide blue eyes, blonde locks and gorgeous maternity gowns made her look like a princess straight out of a Disney fairytale. The photo session results were mesmerizing, capturing the special and magical time that is pregnancy and the beauty of motherly love. Thank you for being our muse, Miss J!

Enjoy the results!

For her first photo session with us, our beautiful returning muse, Miss J, did a gorgeous bridal photoshoot as a gift for her husband-to-be and for her second photoshoot with us she came to our studio for a Mother-Daughter portrait session with her lovely mother. We were excited beyond words to work again with Miss J, this time for a wedding portrait session with her handsome husband. This young and beautiful couple was looking to photograph their portraits in full bridal and wedding attire, which turned into both engagement and wedding portrait photo session at the same time. Shot entirely in our photo studio, during this elegant photoshoot we’ve captured beautiful and loving moments shared by this charming couple. Their love brightened every portrait we took, creating intimate and affectionate photographs. Enjoy our selection!

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