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I am often asked whether the ladies,whom you can see in my portfolio, are all professional models? Frankly , only one or two girls they are actually professional models. I shoot fashion and I try to bring a sense of fashion into boudoir and portrait photography. So the most stunning ladies in my portfolio are just my friends and my dear clients, who give me their permission to post their photos on my website.
And you know what ? It`s so amazing to watch all the transformation that my clients go through from the moment they walk in to the very last minute of the photo session. How an ordinary person turns into someone with superstar qualities! All these magical things happen to my clients: the make-up, the hair styling and of course the amazing works of photography!
I want to share with you this wonderful experience! I would be starting a new chapter in my blog: Before and After.




As seasons change, nature goes through a magical period of transition.The beauty of the ever-changing seasons is that it resembles so much the transition that women go through as they take on their path in life. From childhood, to youth to adulthood, all those chapters of woman’s life hold their own beauty to it. As we welcome the beginning of Autumn and say goodbye to the fiery summer season, we wanted to capture in this photo session the unforgettable moments of first days of fall. We are looking forward to the fierce orange and red bouquet of colors of autumn and wish you a happy beginning of the new season.

Who would have thought that 5 o’clock studio light would create a romantic and magic atmosphere?

As we were planning the shoot with my good friend Lena, who is not only an amazing photographer as well, but also a mother of 3 (!!!), we didn’t expect the sunset to transform the studio space into almost surreal set for a very special and private photo shoot.

As we carried on with the photo shoot we were surprised and delighted by how the evening light transformed our amazing model and our set into a whirpool of golden sunshine and deep, beautiful contour shadows.

We thank you, Lena, for helping us discover this magical realm of sunset light and being our muse!

Just recently we came across one of the sexiest lingerie websites in the world. Agent Provocateur was always known for it’s sensual and intricately designed lingerie. We, the artists of Kissed by Light Studio, are the biggest admirers of the female curves, and we strongly believe that lingerie is it’s best accessory. Agent Provocateur has just posted on their website their new collection of inspired by the victorian era ingerie. They have a variety of accessories from garter belts to bodies to corsets.  The colour scheme of the garments are mostly black and purple which looks quite fresh and unconventional. We love their new looks and perhaps we could introduce some of their style and sensuality to our photo portfolio.

Check it out, ladies, and let us know what you think!

When Lady L. walked in in our studio we immediately had our jaws dropped. She is just a seductress, you can sense it with your back, even without seeing, just hearing her speak. Hew body curves flow like water, her spirit is strong and positive, and her sincerity and kindness are disarming.

She can be soft and feminine, and her body feels like poetry. She can be a sexy vixen, superhero-red-hair hottie.  Oh, dear! Here are some photos, we decided to split the images from our boudoir photography session from Lady L’s session in two doses, as all at once it can be too much to handle!

Thank you so much for letting us share your photos, Lady L! You rock!


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