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We were captivated by this redheaded Goddess with emerald green eyes and long flaming locks! Miss K has stunned us with her unique gorgeous looks, as much as with her lovely, down-to-earth personality. With assistance of our talented wardrobe stylist, Nelly, Miss K turned into a lioness in our photo studio. Thank you for being our muse, Miss K!

I am not one in a million kind of girl, I am once in a lifetime kind of woman.

Miss C’s favourite quote

We are proud to photograph yet another Marylin Monroe inspired boudoir photoshoot, this time with a beautiful Miss C. Marylin’s timeless image of femininity and sensuality is inspirational and liberating for so many women and our photo studio has been having more and more requests lately for retro Marylin inspired boudoir photo sessions. With Miss C’s gorgeous looks and bold personality, this interpretation resulted in racy, sexy and seductive images, some cross referencing Marylin’s “The Last Sitting”, a photo session with photographer Bert Stern, that took place just 6 weeks before Marylin’s tragic death. A tribute to the timeless icon, sexual liberation and freedom, enjoy our NSFW selection!

I’m very definitely a woman and I enjoy it

Marylin Monroe

Her timeless sensuality and radiating femininity has been inspiring men and empowering women around the globe for many decades. An actress, singer, movie star, sex symbol, glamour and fashion icon, Marylin Monroe was the innovator of sensual style, celebrating life and femininity with her every move, film and photograph.

In this Marylin Monroe inspired photo shoot, photographer Lora Vertue did not just capture our gorgeous model’s staggering physical likeness to the legendary star, but illuminated the timeless sensuality, radiating charm and playful seductiveness that defined Marylin.

We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.

Marilyn Monroe



Sweet, shy and timid, Miss A was a pretty girl next door when she walked into our photo studio in the morning for her boudoir photoshoot: sans makeup, dressed in simple denim shorts and sporting a casual ponytail. Over the next 2 hours she transformed into a sensual glamour goddess right in front of our eyes! Beautiful, confident, stylish and provocative, Miss A has a true star quality that shines straight through, whether she is wearing a sexy lingerie or only her smile. Thank you for being our muse Miss A, keep being the star that you are!

It was great having Miss N in our studio. Special thanks to our stylist Nelly Tsyrlin for pulling a great wardrobe together. We had a chance to experiment with pinup lingerie and pinup boudoir poses. The photographs turned out stylish and feminine and with a vintage touch to them. Thank you Miss N for being our muse! We are pleased to offer new service on our menu. Now you can have a video of your boudoir photoshoot. Our new talent, videographer Anna will commemorate your special day on film, making it truly unforgettable experience. To see the the video please follow the link!

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