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photoWe are so happy to announce an addition of another talented photographer to our team. Please welcome Taira!

Taira is a professional photographer, coming from a fashion, corporate, family and wedding photography background. She masterfully captures beautiful moments in a light and airy style, working primarily with natural daylight. With her camera in hands and lovely demeanour, she strives to make women feel powerful, accentuating their strengths and beauty with careful posing and styling direction.

Taira has successfully underwent training by our primary photographers to master the signature Kissed by Light studio style and you can enjoy her boudoir portfolio here: Taira’s Portfolio.

Contact us via our Contact page today or email [email protected] to book your session!

Our Fall / Winter Promotion is here!

One of the greatest pleasures of having your portrait taken is seeing it in print and adorning the walls in your home inside a beautiful artisanal frame. Straight from the sunny Italy, our one-of-a-kind handmade artisan crafted Italian frames are made of natural wood with a soft finish and come in three beautiful tones which will compliment any interior – gold, silver & brown. This unique frame comes with our in-house made high quality art print of an image of your choice with the finished product size 16″x20″. There is no better way to eternalize and display your art work!

The great news is that this beautiful and unique product will be available as a gift with any Mademoiselle or Femme Fatale package booked before March 31, 2018, or while supplies last, so hurry and book your session soon!

Beauty has no age. As photographers, we are lucky to be capturing the beauty of a female body in all it’s glorious stages – from the body of a younger woman, to the magical curves of pregnancy, to women in their 50′s and 60′s celebrating confidence and sensuality. We were delighted to work on this fine art nude series with a breathtakingly beautiful muse, Miss N.

Enjoy our selection!

A recent trend or a long awaited creative outlet? At Kissed by Light studio we are convinced that a classy and sophisticated boudoir photoshoot is definitely the latter. Providing women with a beautiful, feminine and safe space to express themselves is one of the best things we’ve ever created! A boudoir photoshoot is a fun, liberating and empowering experience, that, as per our clients’ words, “every woman should experience at least once in her lifetime”.

Whether as a gift to that special someone (anniversary, birthday, Holidays, etc.) or celebrating yourself, reaching a milestone, a decade, body goals or simply being you, this is a gift that keeps on giving. It is a proven confidence boost, a special day when you can fully relax, be yourself and enjoy every moment of being pampered and your beauty, both outer and inner, being captured through a lens of a professional artist.

So, you’ve finally made the decision to book your photo session and wondering what’s next! Here is a basic guide to your boudoir experience to help you get prepared for the shoot and to give you an idea on what to expect on this special day:

A boudoir photoshoot requires a bit of planning and preparation time – you don’t want to rush and schedule your session the next day. We recommend to plan your session at least two weeks ahead of time to make sure your outfits are ready (and, if ordered online, arrive on time) and you feel well prepared and not rushed, especially on the exciting day of your photoshoot! Make sure you schedule your photoshoot around a relatively stress free time – at least a few days apart from major events, important meetings or vacations.

Thoughtful preparation is the key to success! First, choose a package that reflects your goals and gives you flexibility to make some decisions later in the process – our studio offers a range of packages to fit any budget and varies by the number of looks (aka outfit changes), number of images and print products. Many products and services can be added to customize and create your dream package. Would you want to see your images in a form of an artwork, adorning your walls, or in a more intimate luxury album, privately tucked away in a drawer? If you don’t feel ready yet to make the big decision, there is no need to have a plan until you see your beautiful images at the Viewing Session.

To help you get ready for your big day, we highly recommend to browse Pinterest boards and our website for images that reflect your ideas for the session. Not only will it help you to choose the outfits for the shoot, but it will give our photographers an idea of the style and atmosphere you are looking for.

Make sure to bring pieces that match and fit you (not too small and not too large), try all outfits before the shoot to make sure they have a good fit. Don’t be afraid to bring a few extra options – our on-site stylist will help you to put your final looks together!

Don’t feel like you have enough outfits? You are welcome to use our Studio Wardrobe Collection. Read more details here: Studio Wardrobe Access.

Some of the questions we often get are in regards to the body care concerns. Do your regular body care procedure at least a couple of days before the shoot (in case an irritation occurs). In general we recommend to avoid outdoor tanning close to the date of the shoot in order to avoid harsh tanning lines. We also strongly suggest to stay away from all types of self-tanning products, as they might create uneven lines and colour your hands. The exception can be a reliable and professional salon airbrushing. In regards to hair – give your locks a regular wash a day before or the morning of your session and come to the studio with clean and dry hair ready to be styled.

An important thing to bring is a comfy robe and slippers to keep you cosy while sitting through your make-up application and hair styling.

What to expect? Fun, fun, fun!

On the day of the photoshoot wear something loose and comfy to arrive in, bring water and don’t forget to have a good breakfast (trust our word, you’ll need this energy!). Make sure to pack your bag the day before, so that you don’t feel stressed the morning of your session. This is your special day, so don’t waste your precious energy on packing and worrying that you forgot something important right before the session.

When you arrive at the scheduled time, the first thing we will do is have a quick look through your outfits. You will have an opportunity to talk about your ideas and discuss the direction of the session with one of our photographers. Then you will be asked to change into your robe and slippers and taken into the make-up room, where the true magic happens with the help of our beauty experts. Here is a detailed article on the importance of getting professional make-up done in our studio: 5 reasons to go with Professional Make-up and Hair Styling for your Boudoir Photoshoot.

That’s it, you are now ready for your session! While you were in the make-up room, our stylist have chosen and put together the outfits, accessories and set-ups that will work best for you. The photoshoot itself usually takes anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours (and that is why a good breakfast is a must!).

During the session we will assist and guide you through every single step – from choosing make-up style that works best for your features, to helping with outfits and in-detail pose guidance to emphasize your best angles, so you can relax and let yourself be guided through this unique and invigorating experience.

You will get a chance to see your beautiful images in about 10 business days following the session. We will call you for a Viewing Session, which takes place in our studio, where we will show you your top best images from the session. You will then be able to select your favourite images. Your photographs will be fully edited and ready to be taken home on a USB drive. Now would be the perfect time to decide whether you would like to go with one of our top quality print products. To see our selection and for more information, follow this link: Printed Products.

And remember, with any questions please feel free to contact our staff – we will be happy to answer any (and we mean absolutely ANY) questions or concerns you might have.

We are looking forward to making you feel like a queen!

As artists and photographers, we are constantly evolving creatively and enhancing our photography style, searching for and expanding our studio prop collection and finding new combinations to reflect our vision for the most beautiful boudoir photography. The most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it inspired us to design a new dreamy set-up in our photo studio. It has everything we associate Valentine’s Day with – romance, softness, sensuality and beauty. We’ve filled our unique clawfoot tub with tulle to create a feeling of a bath foam, rose petals to complete the look and a single white towel to prove that less is more – that a single accessory can be versatile enough to photograph an entire story. Our enchanting muse, Miss A, felt harmonious with the new set-up and looked absolutely stunning. It doesn’t matter whether you are single or met a great partner, Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, be it love for someone or love for yourself, and we are happy that our new set-up reflects that as well. Enjoy the results!

Photography: Daria Perev
Make-up & Hair Styling: Jennifer Yang
Muse: Miss A
Assistant: Veronika Osmikhovskaya

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