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There are days in our photo studio when we point our cameras on those we work with and the results are always exciting! With amazing creative input from everyone involved in this photoshoot, it took us less than two hours to create these fairytale photoseries!

Photographer: Lora Vertue
Model: Daria Perev
Make-up & Hair: Ameri Ozigis
Wardrobe: Flower dress and neck piece by Nelly Tsyrlin; socks and beige bodysuit by American Apparel

“If you dance with your heart, your body will follow”, said Mia Michaels. Dance is one of the most beautiful art forms – gracious, elegant, sensual, fun and inspiring. We had so much fun doing this creative with a beautiful dancer, Miss A. Thank you Miss A for being our muse!

Enjoy our selection!

While creating an actor portfolio for a beautiful professional actress, Jessica Matten, we had lots of fun blending and experimenting with different photography styles to reflect a wide range of her characters: from a rebellious tomboy, to femme fatale, to a girl next door. While we took all photographs in one go in our photo studio, from soft and classic boudoir, to terry richardson’s harsh flash, the images appear to be taken at a different time, in different places. Jessica’s radiating charm and charisma, as well as her lovely personality made it a fun and creative experience for us. Thank you for being our muse, Jessica!

You can learn more about Jessica’s work here:

We were very excited to have a chance to work with a talented aspiring singer, Neetu Dhanju. A beautiful girl with a voice of star, she was amazing to work with and was very comfortable in our photo studio, helping us to create many beautiful photographs reflecting her sweet personality and musical style. We wish Neetu lots of success and creative achievements!

We are very happy to add professional Actor Headshots photography service to our menu! For professional actors, a good headshots portfolio reflecting the versatility of their physical appearance, skills, personality and character is vital to get casting calls. We have been contemplating to introduce professional Actor Headshots photo service for quite a while, as so far we have really enjoyed working with actors. We love the idea of combining actor’s own personality and creativity with our studio’s signature style to create unique and timeless images of lively, one of a kind characters. Enjoy this selection from our latest photoshoot with fabulous and charismatic Miss K!

To book a photoshoot, please email us at [email protected]

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