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Introducing our beautiful new print product! This gorgeous table-top thick acrylic block comes printed with your favourite image.

Stylish, precision-cut, and mounted with a metallic image for an amazing effect, the Ice Cube has a sleek, frameless and ultra-modern look ideal for any desk or display cabinet. Available in 5’’ x 7’’, 6” x 8”, 8” x 8”, and 8’’ x 10’’ sizes.

For prices and our complete Product Guide please inquire at [email protected]

The true measure of a woman’s success is her ability to assert control of her own destiny.

When we were joined by our recent muse Miss J for her boudoir photoshoot at our professional photography studio, we could immediately see that this successful self-made entrepreneur was a woman who takes charge of her own space, is comfortable in her skin and knows the strength of her beauty.

The minute that our photographer’s camera turned to her, her presence blew us off of our feet as she radiated the fearlessness and confidence with which she lives her daily life. She effortlessly asserted her individuality and autonomy while revelling in the beauty of her powerful silhouette. We could do nothing more than to bask in her glow and be stunned by the VA-VA-VA-VOOM of her ample curves in her sexy Provocateur Lingerie.

Thank you for being our muse, Miss J. Please enjoy this sultry selection of images from her shoot.

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Boudoir photography
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professional Boudoir photography
Boudoir photography
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