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I am my own muse, I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better.

Frida Kahlo

It was a special photoshoot for us – our beautiful muse, Miss V, is a young creative lady of many talents. She loves to draw and is a talented clothing designer. For her boudoir photoshoot she asked us to incorporate her colourful kimono and a high waisted skirt she designed and created, as well as her favourite sawing machine and drawings into the sets. It was a pleasure to work with another creative soul and we were delighted to help Miss V’s vision come true.

Enjoy our selection!

As a specialty flower shop owner, our gorgeous returning muse, Miss H, spends most of her days around beautiful flowers and plants. We were absolutely thrilled to see the breathtaking blooms our muse brought to the studio for her bridal boudoir photoshoot – roses, peonies, aromatic lilacs and a tiara handmade from freshly picked roses, transforming our studio into a Summer fairytale garden. Miss H got married recently and wished to celebrate this wonderful occasion with another boudoir photoshoot in our studio, surrounded with her favourite flowers. We planned our photoshoot to include both wedding gown portraits and boudoir looks, all in the romantic setting of luscious Summer blossoms.

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To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

We always tell our muses to express their individuality at their boudoir photoshoots and to be themselves as much as they want. While most of us play roles in our daily lives (be it at work or at home), we don’t always get the opportunity or possibility to express our true selves, along with our desires, fantasies and ideas.

Our stunner muse, Miss S, brought a mix of very different outfits to our photo studio – from office style suits to delicate blue lingerie to combat boots, which we’ve styled into various looks to better express the different sides of our muse’s personality. Her fair looks remind us of Hollywood actresses, encompassing both femme fatale elegance and a tom boy charm at the same time.

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It was so lovely to photograph our gorgeous muse, Miss S, to create a series of romantic boudoir photographs to give as a gift to her husband-to-be on their Wedding day. Miss S was looking for a soft, airy and elegant images with a bohemian flare to reflect her personality and style. She brought delicate lingerie pieces in soft pastels and dusty pink tones, complete with a floral headpiece, embroidered Ted Baker wedding shoes and spiky Kate Spade heels, as well as classic black garter belt and stockings. The results is a mix of both cute and sweet looks, as well as classy and seductive sets. Enjoy our selection!

Seeing our muses back in our studio during most special and precious moments in their lives is what makes our job so wonderful! Our returning muse, Miss S, came back to our studio for the third time (see her 1st photo session & 2nd photo session), this time to be captured during the most delicate and feminine stage, pregnancy. Just like at her previous two sessions, she wanted to use bohemian fashion and style for this photoshoot. Miss S brought gorgeous, unique outfits, jewellery and head pieces to reflect the bohemian mood of the shoot and we had fun experimenting with beautiful floral accessories.

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